About me

Pauliina Fred is a flute player, through and through. She has specialized in historical flutes and plays various types of whistles from Renaissance recorders to the C flute of the Romantic Era. She has even been seen jamming Bossa nova on a silver flute. Pauliina loves music by Mozart and is inspired by new music played on old-time instruments; she is totally at home with French Baroque music.

Pauliina regularly plays in the Helsinki Baroque Orchestra, the Finnish Baroque Orchestra and the Oslo Baroque Orchestra. She is also a member of the Bravade recorder quartet, the Zetes woodwinds quintet, Bellman Trio and the SAMA Folk Baroque Ensemble.

Pauliina has performed solo and as a chamber and orchestra musician, not merely in Finland, but in other parts of Europe and even the United States of America and Japan. You can hear her play music by Naxos, Aeolus, Pilfink Records and Bis. Pauliina has received her master’s in music from both the Sibelius Academy, in Helsinki, and the Utrecht Conservatory.